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At Deraya we employ motivated individuals who are high achievers looking for a challenge. We offer professional training and development of a very high standard aimed at bringing out the best in our employees and helping them achieve their personal as well as their organisational goals. We are very proud to combine a professional working environment with one filled with positive energy and collaborations. Whether you are a fresh graduate, a young leader, or an experienced professional, find out why Deraya is your next logical step!

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At Deraya, we are “always looking for great people”. This is our main goal when selecting people to work with us. We search for creative young people who enjoy a challenge, have initiative, and are real achievers. We seek well-educated individuals who have potential to add to the company as well as grow with it;people who share our principles and values and have strong competencies.

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Deraya sales workshop is a recruitment and training activity conducted by Deraya twice a year to fresh graduates and graduating students. It is mainly about communication and selling skills. The workshop is considered a community service as it is fully paid first-class training provided for a maximum of 20 participants selected from foreign and Egyptian universities. Participants have an excellent opportunity to be offered full-time jobs in Deraya after the workshop. It is a kind of employer branding for Deraya as an Egyptian company that has good employment opportunities for fresh graduates, and a learning opportunity as well that helps them identify their areas of development and highlight their strengths.


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