We deal with the following providers of local insurance at present.

Arope Insurance
Misr Insurance
Royal Insurance


Deraya is truly professional consultants, and they are anything but a traditional broker. This professional team adds value to any corporate client they work with.Islam Abdel Wahab – Head of Corporate – Libano Suisse


Libano-Suisse Takaful is a new acquisition of company, established in Egypt since 2011. It is a premier Shariah Compliant Life and Health Takaful Company with a paid up capital EGP 60 Million. It was established to provide Takaful programs in Egypt with the insight of regional expansion as a leader in Takaful.
Libano-Suisse Takaful Egypt – is a leader in providing innovative and dynamic Takaful solutions within the Takaful industry in the Egyptian Market.

Libano-Suisse offers multiple local individual medical insurance plans , and this includes the Classic plan;a special healthcare plan customized for people who choose to be responsible for everyday out-patient healthcare but want to robust for in-patient treatment, The Essential plan, which covers comprehensive hospitalization and surgical interference. This plan covers in-patient and out-patient inside Egypt only.And the Prestige plan;which is a regional coverage with direct access in (Lebanon, Syria, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, and Egypt) and consultation with renewed medical experts as well.

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