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At Deraya, we employ motivated individuals who are high achievers looking for a challenge. We offer professional training and development of a very high standard aimed at bringing out the best in our employees and helping them achieve their personal as well as their organisational goals. We are very proud to combine a professional working environment with one filled with positive energy and collaborations. Whether you are a fresh graduate, a young leader, or an experienced professional, find out why Deraya is your next logical step!

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At Deraya, we are “always looking for great people”. This is our main goal when selecting people to work with us. We search for creative young people who enjoy a challenge, have initiative, and are real achievers. We seek well-educated individuals who have the potential to add to the company as well as grow with it; people who share our principles and values and have strong competencies.


Ahmed Moussa

Sales Director

“Teach the employees something, you will gain their respect. Treat the employees with respect, you will gain their love. Create a lovely working atmosphere for the employees, you will gain their loyalty. This trio is a core concept in Deraya.”


Ahmed Gamal

Sales Advisor

“Working in Deraya Insurance is a real pleasure thanks to the very professional management team with whom we work. The internal working environment is more than amazing and this is a continuous source of motivation and, last but not least, there are always a lot of people that are happy to help. I consider Deraya as my home not just a place where I work.”


Reem El Zorkani

Account Executive

“Working at Deraya has been a turning point in my life, It has given me the opportunity to learn from Deraya’s School, gain experience through their continuous professional development, this is exactly the working environment in which people can develop and make a difference. It’s exciting and motivating to be a part of this fruitful team, in the ever-expanding company.”



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I consider Deraya as my home, not just a place where I work. Ahmed Gamal - Sales Advisor Careers with Deraya > Multi Award-Winning Top Distributor Worldwide Achievements >
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