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Deraya Insurance Brokerage is a firm -registered in the Egyptian Financial Supervisor Authority (EFSA) under number 41- specializing in medical insurance and working with both international and local medical insurance providers such as Bupa Global, Allianz and top local providers such as AXA, MetLife and Arope Insurance. Deraya works closely with these providers to find the best insurance solutions for its customers. The sales team use their experience and expertise for understanding their customers’ needs in order to obtain different offers of cover  from all available providers and then discuss these with their customers and help them to find the ideal insurance covers that match their needs. A Deraya customer has the advantage of having a professional dedicated account manager that handles all his customer’s insurance needs. The account manager deals with all aspects of insurance from finding the right cover, managing payment schedules and renewals, to handling customer claims and managing a hotline for customer queries. The service also includes quality control and follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction through regular calls, visits, and a biannual service level survey.

icon-insurance-flag Our Services

Our customers can be corporations,  private individuals, or families. At present, we offer international medical insurance, for example through Bupa Global, to both corporate and private customers. Corporate customers can also choose from locally available medical insurance policies offered by local insurance providers such as AXA. We help our customers find an insurance policy that suits their needs. We identify the customer’s requirements; we then shop around  many insurance providers before returning to the customer with our recommendations and then help the customer with their decision-making. We also support our customers in all aspects of after sales procedures, such as making claims, renewing, and updating their policy details. As relationship managers, our service to our customers is not only personal but it is also centred on the interests and well-being of our customers. Corporate customers can also benefit from an (optional) Deraya in-house presence that facilitates and supports their employees in all aspects of their medical insurance.

icon-insurance-crowd How We Work

We support our sales force with a strong sales back office and sales support facilities.

All complaints are received and handled by our customer service department. All related details will be then gathered and compared in relation to the insurers’ rules and regulations. The mentioned department will then contact the insurer directly on the behalf of the customer.

The members have the right, in case of a complaint, when they have all documents that ensure their rights and that it follows all the rules and regulations of the insurers to contact the EFSA with their complaint directly on tsei@efsa.gov.eg.


All the official mails has to be send from the company’s domain name ‘deraya.net.

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